10 Time Saving Xero Tricks


Xero has become one of the mosts popular cloud accounting and bookkeeping softwares used by self employed individuals today. So if you are getting started with Xero or wondering what benefits it could bring you, here are 10 tips all the accountants know about and are probably using themselves.

1. Email Your Invoices Direct to Customers

Xero’s invoicing function allows you to raise invoices in the system which automatically updates the ledgers and e mail them directly to your customers. Then if your customers has any problems or questions with your invoice they can reply to the email and this directly comes to your own email address to reply to.

2. Repeating Invoices

Billing your clients monthly means spreading cashflow for you and them.  Xero allows you to raise repeating invoices meaning your customer will automatically receive an invoice from you at a chosen time of the month for a repeating amount, without you having to think about it.

3. Invoice Reminders

If you are spending time chasing your customers for payment of late invoice, then setting up invoice reminders will be a great time saving solution for you.  Once set up Xero will automatically send out reminders as and when invoices go overdue for payment to your unpaid customers.

4. Bank Feeds

Xero connects directly to your bank to bring in your bank transactions on a daily basis which means you don’t need to log into your bank account to check whether someone has paid you or what your balance is.  Then Xero intelligently matches transactions that have you have recorded or pre populates any transactions you may have missed so you can post them quickly.

5. Accept Credit Card Payments 

Xero links to a variety of credit card payment services such as Stripe. Paypal and GoCardless. Once set up your invoice from Xero incorporates a link for your customer to pay you by credit card. Then, just like with bank feeds, Xero marks off your customers that pay by credit card without you needing to touch any buttons.

6. Find and Recode

The find and recode feature is a great tool to help you firstly quickly search and find transactions in your books.  Secondly if you have posted incorrectly the find and recode function allows you to identify groups of transactions and correct things like accounts, tax rates, tracking codes in bulk.

7. Upload Supplier Invoices

For tax purposes you must keep copies of your paperwork for 6 years so Xero’s function allowing you to upload copies of your supplier invoices means they are safely tucked away and backed up.  This saves you the time of saving copies to another location and your accountant can access copies easily, without taking up your time.


8. Expense Claims

Your team members can be set up with basic access to Xero allowing them to input their expense claims directly into Xero, ready for your approval and posting as well as uploading copies of their receipts.  No more spreadsheets or matching to receipts!

9. Mobile App

The Xero mobile app gives you the ability to keep an eye on your bank balance and trade debtors on the go without opening up your laptop.  The app means every time you arrive at a meeting you can quickly check on your phone whether that customer is up to date with their payments.

10. Fixed Asset Register

A fixed asset register is a great way to track what assets you own, their value and make sure you have the right insurance policy in place.  Xero automatically updates your fixed asset register every time you invest in an asset as well as tracking costs, serial numbers and then working out depreciation for you.