Make Money Online: The 3 Types of Sites that Have the Highest Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense Highest Earnings Website Types

To make money with Google Adsense there are two important things you need Great Content and Lots of Traffic.  There are three proven types of sites that lay the perfect foundations to make money with Google Adsense because by their nature they promote lots of unique content, as well as encouraging new and returning visitors.  If you are looking to generate yourself an income from Google Adsense, then here are three of the types of sites you should have knowledge of when deciding which website you want to build:


Blogs are content based, which when keyword optimised, bring visitors in everyday. Unlike a site which has only a few pages and for which the content never changes, a blog can grow as you add more and more content on your chosen niche which means more hits on your site. The more visitors you have on your website, the greater your potential for more ad impressions and ad clicks which results in higher Adsense Earnings.

In the past blogs have been considered more of a hobby however they are now a really lucrative way of making money.  Setting up a simple blog is really easy using readily available WordPress templates and if you have a flair for writing in a particular niche you can run your blog from the comfort of your own home, with fairly little start up money required.


Another great way of generating Google Adsense earnings is creating a forum, such as the Accountants Forum.  A fourm site has on it lots of content to draw in readers, the fundamental of earning Google Adsense.  If you choose to set up a forum then you will need to get started by:

  1. Setting Up a Forum Website: depending on your web skills you could do this yourself or you may need to engage a professional web designer (with a cost).
  2. Writing Small Pieces of Optimised Content: this will help you gain a web presence and start attracting unique and returning visitors.

Free Online Tool Site

For developers who have really advanced webskills or deep pockets to put in up front investment, free online tool sites are another proven way to earn high amounts of Google Adsense earnings.  Free online tools like or are really popular and attract lots of visitors, especially if it is for a really niche (but popular) area.  As mentioned however, unless you personally have the skills to develop your own online tool, the upfront investment to create a free online tool site can be huge.

Regardless of the type of site you choose make sure you are clear on which is the niche market you are going for. Then be sure to promote your website to gain interest, social media shares and backlinks to help with your sites ranking, popularity and ultimately Google Adsense earnings.