3 Tips to Beat Loneliness When You Work Alone

Tips to Beat Lonliness

Freelancing is fun, but it can be a lonely game. If you work from home, chances are it’ll be just you and your laptop most of the time. Whether you’ve experienced working in a busy office environment or not, the freelancer life is probably going to see you miss out on some of face to face interaction your previously took for granted and the social life benefits that you get with a traditional 9 to 5 job. Even if the only thing you had in common with your work colleagues was the fact you all had a pet dog.

So, yes, freelancing and working alone might make you feel a little lonely, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a few easy fixes I’d like to share, give one of these a try..

Go Outside

This is an easy one. If the only human face you see during the day is the reflection in the mirror, you really should get yourself outdoors at some stage during the day. Take a short break. Walk the dog. Go grab a coffee. Find any excuse to get yourself outside and see the real world, even if it’s for 10-minutes. You don’t even need to speak to anyone, just a smile or give somebody a head nod – it’ll make you feel connected. It’s also a chance to clear your head and give your eyes a rest from the computer screen.

Meet a friend for Lunch

Supermarket lunchtime meal deals taste better in good company. When you work in an office, lunch is a sandwich at your desk. As a freelancer, you should still consider taking a lunch break and why not organise to meet someone you know who lives/works nearby. If the weathers good, take your lunch to the park, or visit the cafe. You’ll re-energise yourself for your afternoon agenda.

Network with other Freelancers

If you miss colleague interacting then look for local freelancers or freelancer groups online. If you can’t find one, why not set up your own Facebook group? Aside from beating loneliness, connecting with other freelancers could result in collaborations, new contacts and more work.

If it’s the office environment you miss, but still want your independence, look for local hot-desking opportunities or office shares. It’s a sociable way to freelance but obviously it comes with a price tag.

Now, close your laptop, throw on your shoes and go outside!