4 Things You Must Do to Turn Your Idea into Reality

Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit is one thing, turning that good idea into reality is another altogether. While you contemplate how and where to begin, bare in mind the following 4 statements to help you convert ideas into reality and drive your business idea forwards.

1. Have confidence in yourself

Entrepreneurs must assume full responsibility and be prepared to do whatever it takes to be successful. Without hard work and dedication, a good idea is just that. Be aware that you can’t take action unless you have confidence in your business and ideas. With unexpected roadblocks sure to crop up along the way, your patience and character will undoubtedly be tested. Without confidence you are unlikely to believe in yourself and possess the ability required to see an opportunity through, ultimately limiting your chances of success.

2. Road test your product/service

In order to be sure your business idea is a sustainable one, you should carry out some testing. Opinion from stakeholders can be incredibly valuable, but may be somewhat biased. Try to get an outsider’s perspective, somebody who is part of your target audience, this type of demo user will hopefully be able to give you the insight and feedback you need in order to optimise any ideas or potential offering.

3. Be patient

No truer words have been spoken. Be prepared to be patient and committed to your ideas. Just because things aren’t going to plan doesn’t mean good things are not about to happen. Think about your sales & marketing, are customers understanding what’s on offer? Consider your competition? Overall, try and appreciate the journey, take time to think and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Set yourself some realistic targets look at obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.

4. Develop a sales pitch

Turning any idea into reality requires you to explain your vision to others. One of the most important areas of launching a new business is being able to relay the businesses’ offering and value to potential customers. Selling an idea requires you to explain and clearly define its value. The more direct and precise you are the more your potential customers will buy into the idea.

Anita Forrest
About Anita Forrest

Anita is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of working with small business owners. She is the creator of the ‘Go Self Employed’ website, where she simplifies complicated self-employment topics such as taxes, bookkeeping, banking and insurance.