Getting your start up off the ground on a shoe string budget is tough but there is a wealth of tools and apps out there, some paid and some with great free features.  Here is 5 free options which may help you get your idea up and running:

1 Canva

This is a brilliant graphic design tool.  It has a wealth of free features and if you do choose to sign up the prices are pretty reasonable.  It’s really simple to use, with beautiful templates to inspire even the least creative entrepreneurs.

2 Pixabay

The quality or type of image you use can make or break your marketing collateral, website or adverts.  Pixabay has over 1 million free images and videos which will take your brand from budget to professional & established.

3 WordPress

Pretty much every business needs a website and WordPress by far is one of the easiest tools to use to build your own.  Even if you are not sure whether you can build you own website, just give it a go – engaging with a web developer may not only be expensive, but the design process can set you back in launching your start up.

4 Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all free to sign up to and once you have you have the ability to reach a worldwide network.  Use them carefully and take your time to expand your brand into the right networks to get your start up out there.

5 Yourself

Never underestimate the power of your own vision and passion.  Taking your own time to reach out to existing contacts or setting up face to face meetings with potential clients to talk about what you do could turn out to be the best use of your day – don’t just hide behind your keyboard!