5 Productivity Hacks

If you are a freelancer or are self employed remaining productive can be tricky to achieve, but not maximising your productivity can be the downfall of freelancers making you feel disorganised, lead to relentless working hours and affecting your earnings.

So how do you work smarter not harder and boost your productivity?  Here are five ideas:

1 Create a To Do List

If you work for a number of clients and staying on top of things is a job in itself.  Have a weekly to do list on my desk which sets out the things that need to be achieved each week and cross them off as they are completed. It’s a great way to stop yourself from getting distracted and crossing tasks off a list can be satisfying.

2 Set working hours

Even though you left your job to give up the monotony of 9 – 5,  working at home or flexibly can leave you vulnerable to distractions. Try and set working hours aside each day where you can focus and complete task from start to finish.Not only will you be more productive but you can stop your work spilling over into your evening and weekend time.

3 Schedule a Daily Diary

Try and plan your work for a week or so in advance.  Of course, things change and you will have to update my plans but you will know what you need to achieve each day and by when.  And the best thing, if you do get it all done you don’t have a boss breathing down my neck to give you more work, so you can finish early for the day! What better way to keep you productive and efficient.

4 Stop for Lunch

It’s very easy to sit and stare at your computer and then before you know it the day has gone but you haven’t eaten or had anything to drink.  Make a point of stopping for lunch to eat something you enjoy and drink some water – it will give you a target to work towards in the morning and fuel you up for the afternoon.

5 Digital Detox

Beeping, alerts and notifications are distracting and so put your phone on silence and close your email for a while you complete a specific task. It helps you to focus on the job in hand and not only improve productivity but also the quality of your output, reducing time needed to check work before presenting it to clients.  Set aside an hour of ‘quiet’ time or more if your job allows.

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Anita Forrest
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