7 Budget Friendly Office Decorating Ideas for Your Small Business

Interior decoration can be as tough as it is rewarding. Of course, decorating bedrooms and living rooms are mostly fun, but the real challenge arises when you have to fix up a place of business like an office.

We live in a world where aesthetics and ambiance can make or break a place, be it a restaurant, a corner shop, or a place of business.

An easy place to start is to spend your money on the best ergonomic office chair you can find. But there’s much more you can do beyond that and thinking out of the box.

Now, we know that most interior design is very expensive and hiring an interior designer can be even more damaging for you. Naturally, these ideas aren’t great for people with a small business and fewer funds. But, office decoration on a budget is a very real thing.

You can make your office look like a million bucks by simply being clever about your decoration tactics.


Here are some of our best tried and tested ways:

Getting a Clever Colour Scheme

Now, no matter where your office space is or how short in funds you are, you will still probably get the place painted and put some furniture in it too. You can get half your decoration done in this one step alone.

First of all, remember that you should always coordinate the colour of the walls with the colour of your furniture. So you can put up walls of one colour and furniture of a different colour. For example, white walls with navy blue furniture is a classic combination.

You can even mix it up a little bit by adding a textured, contrast wall and coordinating that with the colours of the furniture in the room.

Another very trendy way of decorating the office is giving it a monochromatic touch. This means that you paint the walls as the same colour as your furniture, usually something light and airy like white, or mint green, or turquoise, or even cream. It is a very chic trend that many people are applying to their office spaces.

One tip to make your office space look big and spacious is that you should paint it in light colours. Dark colours dominating a room can make the whole place look congested and cramped up, which is not a good look on any office space.


Adding Storage Space

Another very important step in decorating in your office is adding a lot of storage space. Office space needs a lot of resources like stationery, backup stationery, discs, USBs, files, books, and what not. If all this stuff is always in your face, it will annoy you to no end.

So make sure you have enough space in the office to keep all your backups and resources which you don’t need. It will give your office a very neat look which is sometimes all an office needs to look great. Try to label all the cabinets and shelves according to what you want to put in it, and always remember to have a miscellaneous drawer/cabinet to keep items that cannot be categorised!


Keeping Everything Organised

While we are on the subject of being organised, keep in mind that everything in your office needs to be in a proper place for it to look good. A cluttered desk and a mess of cables and cords look very unsightly and off-putting. It can even stress you put as soon as you see the place!

So put up a desk organiser on your desk, so you no longer have to fumble through mountains of stuff to get your hands on one pen. It is best if your desk organiser has a cable-drop with it so that you can organise all of your computer cables on it so that it no longer looks like a mess on the desk or the floor.

Letting the Sun in

Sunny and airy office spaces are beautiful office spaces. While artificial lighting and ventilation are important, letting some sunlight and outside air into the place can breathe some life into it.

So make sure you try to open the windows once a day. If you live in a dusty area, you can get a humidifier to clear the air. You can also hang light-coloured and lightweight drapes around the windows that will help in giving your office a much more spacious look.


Staying Trendy and Minimalist

So a large mahogany desk in an office sometimes seems like a stable, but it is not quite as trendy as sleek furniture in an office space.

So make sure that everything you put in your office is compact and does not take up too much space. A clunky office is never visually appealing.

Other than that, also make sure you apply a minimalist approach to your furniture. You don’t need to have three chairs and an entire sofa set in your office to make it acceptable; you can easily make do with a desk, an office chair, and two chairs for other people who visit. If you have a large space, you can put up a compact sofa set with a small, preferably round coffee table as well.

Putting in Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can also help in breathing new life into an office space. Not only they do add a much-needed pop of colour, but they are also beneficial to the health as well. Indoor plants are also very cheap so you can get many of them for a small price. They are easy to place as well because you can put them up near your entrance, on your table, or even in your window sill for quite an impact.


Hanging Artworks and Plaques

Another way to get away with budget-décor is by adorning your walls with framed artworks and plaques. You can get a good painting at a low price from anywhere in the market, make sure you don’t put up something too massive, though!

You can also frame your plaques and certificates and put them up for quite an impact as well.

Hannah Tay
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