VAT Calculator

vat calculator

Calculate how much VAT you need to add to your invoices or check how much VAT you’ve paid in a VAT-inclusive price calculator.

How to Work Out VAT Backwards

how to work out vat backwards

How to work out VAT backwards when you have a VAT-inclusive figure or you want to remove VAT to find out the net price.

What is VAT and How Does It Work?

what is vat and how does it work

This simple overview will help you understand VAT, registration thresholds, different VAT schemes and the impact of Making Tax Digital for UK small business owners.

How to Check a UK VAT Number

how to check a vat registration number

Trying to find your VAT number or want to check a suppliers VAT registration number? Here’s how to find out this information online using the EU database.

How to Register as Self Employed with HMRC

register as self-employed

Ready to make things official and register as self-employed? Then this guide is for you! It includes the 5 steps you need to take to apply to HMRC and what happens once your application has been submitted.