The Difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper

Whether you work in finance or are looking to hire someone to help with your business finances, understanding and the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper is key to taking the right next step. Accountant v Bookkeeper In a nutshell, a bookkeeper is responsible for collating all the financial records of the business and … Read more

What Are Trade Debtors?

what are trade debtors

Find out what trade debtors mean, how they appear on the balance sheet and how to account for trade debtors in double-entry bookkeeping.

What Funding Can I Get for My UK Small Business?

child benefit tax charge

Anyone who is a self-employed small business owner will tell you that their biggest challenge is to keep the money rolling in. When starting a business, every penny counts and the majority of startups need the capital to get off the ground. There’s equipment, stock and countless bills to be paid on a monthly basis, … Read more

What Are Drawings In Accounting?

what are drawings in accounting

Understand drawings in accounting, how they are treated in the financial statements of a sole proprietor and the tax implications.

What is a Credit Note?

what is a credit note

A credit note reduces the amount a customer has to pay on an invoice or records a refund. Here is an example and how they fit into accounting.

What is an Invoice?

what is an invoice

An invoice is a legal document sent customers to request payment. Here you’ll learn what they look like and what information they must have.

What is a Remittance Advice?

what is a remittance advice

A remittance advice is a document issued by one accounting team to another when they pay an invoice. Here you’ll find out what they look like and how they’re used.