What is a Fixed Asset?

what is a fixed asset

Confused by the concept of fixed assets in accounting? Then read on! In this guide, you’ll understand what a fixed asset is, how they are classified and appear on the balance sheet along with examples of fixed assets.

What is a Profit & Loss Account?

What is a profit & Loss account

The Profit & Loss account is a statement which shows the profit or loss of the business. It also includes a financial summary of how this has occurred. It usually tracks one year of performance but will include last years figures for a comparison to be drawn. The significance of a profit & loss account for freelancers, … Read more

What is Amortisation?


Looking to learn more about amortisation? Read on to find out the definition of amortisation in accounting, examples of how you calculate it and which types of assets are amortised.

Why are Accountants so Expensive?

Why are Accountants so Expensive?

If you have an accountant already or you are searching for an accountant for the first time, this may help you understand why you may have received what feels like some eye watering quotes.