Spreadsheet or Accounting Software? What’s Right?

spreadsheet or accounting software? What's right?

Wondering whether to use a spreadsheet or accounting software for a monthly fee, to help run your small business finances? There’s often a lot of confusion between spreadsheets and cloud software when it comes to small business finance. This is especially relevant for those who are newly registered as self-employed. In this guide, I share … Read more

What Business Records Should You Keep If You’re Self-Employed

keeping business records

Paperwork urgh! But if you have been burying your head in the sand when it comes to your paperwork, then it may be time to pull your head out. There are legal requirements set out by HMRC detailing what business records you need to keep and for how long.

Do You Need a Separate Business Bank Account If You’re Self-Employed?

self-employed business bank account

Wondering whether you should open a separate bank account if you’re self-employed or just using your own account? Then this guide is for you! Here I’ll explain more about business bank accounts for the self-employed, whether you REALLY need to open one and the most popular bank accounts that the self-employed community are talking about.