Amazon Flex Tax Benefits

Amazon Flex Tax Benefits

Join Amazon Flex, Be Your Own Boss and Enjoy Some Great Tax Benefits

Record numbers of people are opting to become self employed and enjoy the freedom of being their own boss.  Amazon Flex is an on demand platform offering self employed drivers around the UK delivery work.  You could fit it around your employment to top up your income or use it as a stepping stone to build your own delivery business.  But whatever you choose, the benefits of choosing Amazon Flex extend into some great tax advantages.

How Does Amazon Flex Work

Amazon Flex, put simply, is Uber for deliveries, where drivers pick up packages rather than people. Just like Uber, Drivers have their own cars and are notified of deliveries via an app where drivers can opt to pick up delivery job from Amazon.

Tax Benefits of Being a Self Employed Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon Flex require their delivery drivers to be self employed. So unlike in employment where you receive your salary less tax each week or month, you will be responsible for managing and reporting your own tax affairs. When you are self employed you are allowed to deduct expenses from your income before working out the tax and national insurance you owe.  These are known as ‘allowable expenses’ because they are things you need to pay for as part of job and earning your income. Here are some examples of allowable expenses you may be able to deduct from your earnings:

  • Travel
  • Car payments
  • Car insurance & maintenance
  • Food
  • Mobile phone
  • Computer & printer
  • A portion of your home or rent

So if you are looking to start your own business or prefer the freedom of being your own boss signing up to amazon flex could be a great way to kick start your new career and allow you to enjoy some great tax benefits.


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