A Beginners Guide to Investing

beginners guide to investing

Investing can make your money go further, build wealth and passive income streams. And who doesn’t want that? If you’ve never invested before I know just the word ’investing’ can be daunting! So I’ve formulated this beginners guide to investing to help you get started!

How Much Can a Child Earn Before Paying Tax in the UK

How Much Can a Child Earn Before Paying Tax in the UK

With more and more children showing an interest in starting their own businesses I am being asked more often whether children have to pay tax in the UK. Here’s what you need to know to start guiding your child in the right direction.

How to Validate Your Business Idea

how to validate your business idea

Startups fail. They blame finances, marketing or poor timing. When the reality is they didn’t take the time to check whether their business idea would actually work. Here’s how you can validate your business idea before you jump in feet first.

How to Leave the Flat Rate VAT Scheme


Whatever your reasons, leaving the flat rate scheme is simple enough to do. This guide walks you through not just how to leave but also when to do it and what the implications are.

How to Calculate Break Even Point

break-even point

Do you actually know how much you need to make to cover all your costs? Do you even know how much your costs are? Then this exercise in calculating your break-even point is just for you. Read on for peace of mind…

How Do You Know You’re Ready to Start a Business?

are you ready to start a business?

Do you dread Monday mornings? Are you fed up with all of your ideas and hard work making somebody else money rather than you? You might ready to start a business! Here are the signs you need to look out for to check your ready to make the leap.

Simplified Expenses: The Quick Way to Pay Less Tax

simplified expenses

Simplified expenses, if you’re self-employed, is the easy way for you to claim for certain expenses without a receipt so you can pay less tax. Here’s a guide to what you can claim for and how best to use them to reduce your tax bill.

Quick Start Guide to Quickbooks Simple Start UK

quickbooks simple start UK

Imagine if you knew who owed you money, how much you needed to set aside for tax and which of your revenue streams you should be focussing on? A robust bookkeeping system will help you answer all those questions and more. Here’s a quick start guide for one of the most popular UK bookkeeping softwares.

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Flow Forecasting


Cash flow forecasting is an excellent tool for anyone who is self-employed or runs their own business. Here is everything you need to know about cash flow forecasting, including why it’s important for your business and how to get started with creating your own.