Quick Start Guide to Quickbooks Simple Start UK

Confession time… before I set up Quickbooks I had no idea how much profit my blog was making! I knew that if I wanted to go from hobby to business owner I had to get to the bottom of where my money was coming from and where I could make more of it! Ever since (more…)

Maternity Allowance for the Self-Employed Explained

Maternity allowance is a statutory benefit paid to mums to be who are not entitled to statutory maternity leave and pay. When someone is employed, they are usually entitled to statutory maternity pay and leave. Their employer will organise this for them and include it on their payslip before paying it to them on behalf (more…)

How to Leave the Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Leaving the flat rate scheme is simple enough to do. This guide walks you through not just how to leave but also when to do it and what the implications are. Should You Leave the Flat Rate Scheme? You can leave the VAT Flat Rate Scheme either through choice or if you no longer meet (more…)

A Beginners Guide to Bookkeeping and Tax Records When You Become Self-Employed

So you’ve taken the plunge and started a business!  But now you’re busy setting up your business and worried about what’s involved when it comes to looking after your accounts, paying for costs and keeping receipts. That’s where bookkeeping comes in. Bookkeeping and accounting gets some bad press with small business owners in my opinion. (more…)

VAT Margin Scheme for Cars Explained

The VAT margin scheme for cars can save second-hand car dealers money. This guide explains which vehicles can be included in the scheme, how it saves businesses money and how to calculate figures for the VAT return as well as all the records you need to keep. How Does the VAT Margin Scheme for Cars (more…)

Common Questions About Becoming Self-Employed

I’ve invested hours of my own time learning how to get my small business up and running. What I’ve learned over the past years of being a self-employed accountant dealing with other small business owners is that the same questions seem to persist. Below you’ll find some of the most common questions I get asked (more…)

What is a VAT Receipt?

Reclaiming all the VAT you are entitled to will reduce your VAT bill or even create a VAT repayment. Keeping the right records is essential to support any claim you make.

Business Mileage Tracker 2019 (Excel)

Claiming for your business mileage against your taxes reduces your tax bill. Here’s a business mileage tracker to help you, along with some guidance on how to use it.