Tax Advice for Self Employed Musicians

self employed musician tax allowable expenses

Self Employed Musician? Here is our tax advice guide just for you. Whether you are starting out or just want to understand more about allowable expenses, here are some useful tips specifically for self employed musician. Register with HMRC as a Self Employed Musician Whether you are part of a band, play an instrument or … Read more

Tax Advice for Self-Employed Private Tutors

tax advice for self-employed private tutors

Here’s some tax advice for self-employed private tutors or anyone who is planning to become one. This tax guide will help you to understand more about: Registering with HMRC; Your responsibilities once you are HMRC registered; The taxes you need to pay; Tax-deductible expenses that reduce your tax bill; Other allowances and reliefs you may … Read more

How to Calculate Your Business Profits

calculating business profit

When you are self employed the amount of tax you pay is based on your business profits. It means that you only pay tax on what you truly earn because you will inevitably have costs you need to pay for to be set up as a self employed individual. How Do I Work Out My … Read more

What is a Fixed Asset?

what is a fixed asset

Confused by the concept of fixed assets in accounting? Then read on! In this guide, you’ll understand what a fixed asset is, how they are classified and appear on the balance sheet along with examples of fixed assets.