Tax Advice for Self-Employed Deliveroo Riders

Tax Advice for Deliveroo Riders

Deliveroo requires all their riders to be self-employed, despite recent controversy.  If self-employment is new to you, it may be difficult to know where to start and what it all means. Here I show you how to get started as self-employed and unravel some of the confusion around taxes. What is Self-Employment Self-employment means that … Read more

What Happens If Your Rental Property Makes a Loss?

Rental Property Makes a Loss

It is entirely possible that you can make a loss on a rental property, for example if you had a lot of problems with the property or you offered a rent free period. The tax man does have a heart.  If you own a rental property that made a loss you will not pay tax … Read more

How Much Interest does HMRC charge on Late Payment of Personal Tax?

HMRC Interest on Late Payment of Tax

With the deadline for making your Self Assessment Payment on Account looming (31 July), you may be wondering what happens if you make your payment late. Well apart from lots of reminders, HMRC will apply interest to the outstanding amount from 1 August.  Currently this is 2.75% (see more here). If you do feel you … Read more

Tax Advice for Self Employed Cake Makers

Tax Advice for Self Employed Cake Maker

Self Employed Cake Maker? Here is our tax advice guide just for you. Whether you are starting out or just want to understand more about allowable expenses, here are some useful tips specifically for Self Employed Cake Makers. Register with HMRC as a Self Employed Cake Maker Whether you bake for events, weddings or childrens … Read more