What is Cash Inflow Definition & Examples

cash inflow definition and examples

Cash Inflow Definition Cash inflow refers to all the cash that comes into your business. This might come from sales, or financing or investments. Read the cash inflow examples below for a better understanding of how it works. Cash Inflow Examples Customer payments; Bank loan receipts; Bank interest; Sale of fixed assets; Supplier refunds; Directors … Read more

Should I Use a Credit Card to Start a Business?

Should I Use a Credit Card to Start a Business

It can be tough finding the start up capital you need to get your business idea off the ground. Lenders often require business history or for you to personally meet certain requirements to be eligible for borrowing. So, when offers from credit card companies land on your doorstep increasing your credit limits and tempting you … Read more

Running a Business From Home: UK Laws

Running a Business From Home

Running a business from home or your garage can be cost-effective way to get your venture off the ground. But before you start handing out your home address here are 5 things you should check: 5 Things to Check when Running a Business From Home Your rent or mortgage agreement Insurance Licences Business Rates Tax … Read more

How to Deal with Last-Minute Customer Cancellations

Last minute cancellations when you are self-employed

Time is Money. But if only everyone understood and respected that. When you are self-employed every penny counts and it can be so frustrating when your clients or customers cancel a booking at the last minute. Of course, going self-employed means you will need to accept some level of risk. But how do you best … Read more

Tax for Self Employed Amazon Flex Drivers

tax guide for amazon flex drivers

Find out how tax works for self-employed Amazon Flex drivers, including how your earnings are taxed, deductions that reduce how much you’ll pay and how to fill in your tax return.

4 Ways to Reduce Entrepreneurial Financial Stress

Entrepreneurial Financial Stress and How to Combat It

The life of an entrepreneur can be a stressful one. It means working long hours and running all aspects of a business on your own. This is also while learning new skills you perhaps never even realised you needed to know! Add financial stress on top of this and things can soon start to feel … Read more

Our Favourite Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers

favourite time tracking apps for freelancers and self employed sole traders

Whether you are an employee, freelancer or run your own business, time is often your top priority. It influences how early you wake up in the morning, the length of lunch break you take, your social life activities and how late you go to sleep. When scheduling your work time, you might rely on things … Read more

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