Sole Trader Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

Track your income and expenses, how much tax you owe and be ready to fill in your self-assessment tax return with one, easy to use bookkeeping spreadsheet.

**Updated for the 2022/2023 tax year**

Need a template to help you get the numbers you need ready for your tax return? Or is staying on top of your business finances one of your 2022 goals? 🙃

Then this easy to use sole trader bookkeeping spreadsheet is for you! 💁🏽‍♀️

Opening in EXCEL or G SHEETS, the spreadsheet features:

💥 5 simple but powerful tabs that track all the important numbers in your business⁠

💥 An easy to follow getting started guide to help you configure your template and find the numbers you’ll need to do your bookkeeping

💥 A single data entry tab that automatically updates the ENTIRE spreadsheet⁠

💥 Fully customisable income & expense categories

💥 A dashboard where you’ll find the numbers you’ll need to fill in your tax return⁠

💥 Tax estimator that works even if you’re employed & self-employed, so you can set aside money for tax-time, including your PAYMENT ON ACCOUNT

💥 Cash expenses, mileage & use of home claim forms⁠⁠

💥 A step-by-step guide to creating a Business Budget so you can plan for the things you want, whether that’s working full-time in your business, saving for a house or re-investing for growth

This product is not suitable if you are VAT registered or have a Limited Company. No refunds.


What will I receive?

You’ll receive a PDF document straight to your inbox, with a link to the excel and g sheet version of the template. In addition, you’ll have an easy to follow user guide and a business budgeting guide to help you create a financial plan for your business.

Can I still get the 2021/2022 version?

Yes! You can still buy a copy of the previous version. Just click here to make your purchase.

Can I make copies of the accounting spreadsheet template?

The bookkeeping template is yours to keep, so you can make as many copies as you like. That means if you have more than one business, you’ll only need to pay once and make copies of the spreadsheet to use for each business.

 Does the bookkeeping spreadsheet take account of my employment income?

I designed this template with side hustlers in mind, so there is a box to enter your monthly payslip and tax deduction. The tax calculator then takes account of these figures when working out how much additional tax you need to pay, along with any payment on account.

Do I need to buy a new bookkeeping spreadsheet every tax year?

The built-in tax calculator is for the UK tax year 2022/2023, so you would need to buy a new version of the template if you wanted one with the latest rates next tax year.

Can I personalise the accounts spreadsheet?

You can change the colours and add your logo to your copy of the template. You can also see the formulas, but I don’t recommend changing them because it could affect functionality.

Does the bookkeeping spreadsheet open in Excel?

When you purchase the template you’ll receive a user guide with links inside to the g sheets and excel version – just choose the one you prefer.

Do you do refunds?

As this is a digital product I am unable to issue refunds, so please don’t be offended if I decline your request.

This product is not suitable if you are VAT registered or have a Limited Company. No refunds given as this is a digital product.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Anita – Chartered Accountant, spreadsheet geek and money nerd! I am on a mission to simplify money and taxes for the self-employed community and make topics like business registration, pensions, budgeting and accounting easy to understand.

I truly believe that just because we are not taught about real-life money matters at school it shouldn’t prevent us from running our own businesses and creating a financially stable life.

I designed this bookkeeping spreadsheet to handle the essential information you need when you’re self-employed and eliminate stress when it comes to handling your business finances and taxes. If you use it right, it will save you hours of time, improve your confidence when it comes to dealing with numbers and remove the worry around taxes.

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