3 Reasons Business Cards Will Set You Up for Side Hustle Success

3 Reasons Business Cards Will Set You Up for Side Hustle Success

When you have a side hustle time is of the essence so anything you can do to accelerate selling, networking and business growth is of the utmost importance.  Business cards still remain one of the most useful ways to hand over your business details.  So if you are running a side hustle, here are three reasons why having business cards will help set you up for side hustle success:

1 Professionalism

Having business cards, with a logo and branding will give the recipient the sense that you are taking your business seriously whether they realise it is a side hustle or not.

2 Networking

People buy from people and having a business card at hand with all your contact details is a quick way to leave a potential customer with everything they need to reach out to you in the future.  For those with a side hustle who may have limited time to follow up on every contact they meet, a business card will be an invaluable time saver.

3 Focus

When your side hustle is not your main focus it can be really hard to keep moving your business forward.  Having business cards in your bag or on your desk will act as a constant reminder of your side hustle and you can use them to set small achievable targets for yourself such as needing to hand out 20 business cards per month to keep the business momentum going.

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