business mileage explained

Business milage allowances can seen as confusing and a grey area. If you are an employee who uses your own car for business travel you will expect to be reimbursed by your employer if you use your personal vehicle, however if you’re self-employed or director of a Limited Company, there are some different rules which apply to you. While you can still claim business milage, the way in which you maintain records should be different to an employee mileage claim. To help, we take a quick look at business mileage allowance below.

Who’s eligible?
Employees and company directors can claim business mileage.

How much can you claim?
45p per mile up to the first 10,000 miles per year and 25p per mile. This takes into consideration the running cost of a commercial car or van.

What evidence should you keep?
Create a mileage spreadsheet and log all business-related trips inc. dates, locations and miles drives.