Business Mileage Tracker (Excel)

Free Business Mileage Tracker 2019 (Excel Version). Claiming for your business mileage against your taxes reduces your tax bill. Here’s a business mileage tracker to help you, along with some guidance on how to use it.

When you use your own vehicle for business reasons, you can claim a fixed rate per mile to cover the cost of you doing so.

This amount is tax deductible and will reduce your tax bill.

What Journeys Can You Claim For on the Mileage Tracker

You can claim for all the journeys that you undertake for business reasons. That being said however you should note that your normal commute to work would not be tax allowable.

How to Claim Mileage Allowance When You’re Self-Employed

How Much Can You Claim for Business Mileage

HMRC sets out rates per mile you can claim for, according to how many miles you have done.

 First 10,000 MilesOver 10,000 Miles
Cars and vans45p25p
Motor cycles24p24p

How to Use the Free Mileage Tracker (Excel Version)

Once you download the mileage tracker spreadsheet you’ll need to enter the following information for each journey you make:

  • Date
  • Client Name
  • Destination
  • Reason for Visit
  • Distance in Miles

The mileage tracker will then calculate how much you can claim against your taxes automatically using a rate per mile of 45p.

45p is the maximum you are allowed to claim per mile, you can choose to claim less than this figure.

Download Free Business Mileage Tracker (Excel Version)

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