The 3 Best Card Machines For Your Home Salon. In an increasingly cashless society, being able to accept credit cards is becoming an inevitable part of being in business. Here are the most popular low-cost card machines.

card machines for your home salon

Being able to accept credit cards makes it easier for your clients to pay for their treatments but also gives you the opportunity to make additional sales on products.

Card machines have evolved and there are now three on the market that are popular with home salon owners because they work with just a mobile phone.

Here are 3 of the cheapest card payment machines for home salon owners in the UK right now:

Best ForComplete point of sale system including stock management, cash register and invoicingCheapest way to accept face to face credit card paymentsA single solution for accepting payments on websites, by invoice and face to face.
Reader cost£29 + VAT£19 + VAT £59 + VAT
Fee per transaction payments1.75%1.69%1.75%
Apple payYesYesYes
Email/Text ReceiptsYesYesYes
Monthly chargesNoneNoneNone
Funds transferDaily2 – 3 days1 - 2 days
Learn MoreVisit SquareVisit SumUpVisit iZettle

Each of the payment providers:

  • Take contactless and apple pay
  • Have functionality for you to print receipts (if you buy an extra device)

So how should you decide card machine is right for you?

What’s the Difference Between Square, Sumup and iZettle

Apart from what they look like, currently the initial cost of the device is the same for each at £19 + VAT. And none have any monthly charges

The key difference is:

  • The amount the provider charges you for each transaction
  • The time it takes for the money you collect to reach your bank account


Sumup is proving really popular in the UK with the self-employed.  It is the cheapest solution out of the three, with transaction charges of 1.69%. But it has the longest time for you to wait to receive your money at 2 – 3 days.   It does not offer the same app marketplace as Square or the ability to connect an online store but it is still an extremely good option for micro businesses looking to accept credit card payments without a merchant account.  The entry cost is low at £19 and with a competitive flat fee charge per transaction, it is a very popular option in the UK.  

Learn more: Visit the SumUp website


Square is a sophisticated offering. Even though they carry a slightly higher transaction fee, there is:

  • Daily funds transfer
  • Stock management
  • E-commerce integration with WooCommerce, Wix and GoDaddy
  • Virtual Terminal Processing
  • Invoice Payments

So if you are looking for an all round solution to manage your business rather than just taking payments, Square may be for you.

Learn more: Visit the Square website


iZettle was probably one of the very first to offer the service of accepting credit card payments without a merchant account. And their offering is evolving.

For their transaction rate of 1.75% you can access their stock management system, as well as integration with certain bookkeeping softwares like Xero.

Learn more: Visit the iZettle website