10 Time Saving Xero Tricks

Xero has become one of the mosts popular cloud accounting and bookkeeping softwares used by self employed individuals today. So if you are getting started with Xero or wondering what benefits it could bring you, here are 10 tips all the accountants know about and are probably using themselves. 1. Email Your Invoices Direct to (more…)

What is a Bank Reconciliation?

Up to date bookkeeping can add a tremendous amount of value to your small business.  At any point in time you can gauge your businesses financial health and track how you are meeting your goals.  One useful piece of information to use as part of your financial health checking is a bank reconciliation. What is (more…)

Double Entry for Payroll

The double entry for payroll can be a tricky journal to get right. Here’s the double entry for payroll and the subsequent payment of net wages and PAYE to HMRC. What is a Journal Entry Journal entries are used in bookkeeping to reflect the costs and liabilities of a business. Some costs can be recorded (more…)

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Bookkeeper?

Small business owners and start-ups often wonder how much it costs to hire a bookkeeper. Especially at the moments when they are bogged down in paperwork, VAT or payroll.   If your budget is tight and you may be wondering whether hiring a bookkeeper is a luxury your business can really afford. Here’s some advice (more…)

Do I need a Financial Controller or a Bookkeeper?

If you are running a small business, dealing with financial admin yourself can be a headache. There comes a stage in any business where more administrative support is needed so the Owners or Directors can focus on strategy and running their business. A financial controller or bookkeeper could be a great solution, but their skill (more…)