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Reasonable Excuses for Missing the Tax Return Deadline

If you didn’t manage to get your self assessment tax return in by the 31 January deadline, you’ll face penalties and interest.

Beginners Guide to HMRC Payments on Account

Let's talk about HMRC Payments On Account as we fast approach the self assessment tax return filing deadline of 31 January.

Do You Really Need an Accountant If You’re Self Employed?

When it comes to the question of whether you really need an accountant if you’re self employed, it seems to me that there are...

What is HMRC Self Assessment

If you are self employed then understanding what is HMRC Self Assessment is critical. Failing to misunderstand it, meet its requirements and deadlines will result in automatic penalties and interest.

What is Taxable Income in the UK

It is important to be able to identify Taxable Income in the UK and Non Taxable. That way you know: What income you need...

How Do I Find Out When I Registered As Self Employed

There are two easy ways to Find Out When You Registered as Self Employed: 1. Check Your Paperwork to Find Out When You Registered as...

Hobby Business Tax Rules UK 2018

The Hobby Business Tax Rules have never been so important in the UK with millions of people trading on sites like eBay, Etsy or Amazon...

Avon Reps: How to Fill Out Your Self Assessment Tax Return

Filling out your own self assessment tax return can be relatively straight forward. Here's some advice for Avon Reps who are filling out their own return.

10 Business Savvy Tax Saving Tricks for Avon Reps

Tax saving tricks don't need to be aggressive or illegal. There are lots of ways for Self Employed Avon Reps to legally reduce their tax...

Do Avon Reps Pay Tax? The FACTS

There is mixed advice as to whether Avon Reps pay tax so today I unravel this debate with the facts.