How Much Can a Child Earn Before Paying Tax in the UK

How Much Can a Child Earn Before Paying Tax in the UK

With more and more children showing an interest in starting their own businesses I am being asked more often whether children have to pay tax in the UK. Here’s what you need to know to start guiding your child in the right direction.

How to Leave the Flat Rate VAT Scheme


Whatever your reasons, leaving the flat rate scheme is simple enough to do. This guide walks you through not just how to leave but also when to do it and what the implications are.

Simplified Expenses: The Quick Way to Pay Less Tax

simplified expenses

Simplified expenses, if you’re self-employed, is the easy way for you to claim for certain expenses without a receipt so you can pay less tax. Here’s a guide to what you can claim for and how best to use them to reduce your tax bill.

VAT Margin Scheme for Cars Explained

vat margin scheme for cars explained

The VAT margin scheme for cars can save second-hand car dealers money. This guide explains which vehicles can be included in the scheme, how it saves businesses money and how to calculate figures for the VAT return as well as all the records you need to keep. How Does the VAT Margin Scheme for Cars (more…)

What is a VAT Receipt?

lost vat receipts

Reclaiming all the VAT you are entitled to will reduce your VAT bill or even create a VAT repayment. Keeping the right records is essential to support any claim you make.

How to Claim VAT Back on Expenses

How to Claim VAT Back on Expenses

If you are newly VAT registered then this guide will help you understand which expenses you can and can’t claim VAT on, how you claim VAT and the evidence you are going to need.

Can I Reclaim VAT on Cars and Fuel?

Reclaiming VAT on Cars and Fuel

Reclaiming VAT on cars and fuel can be a complicated area. The answer depends on how you bought the car, what you’ll use it for and how you choose to claim for the cost of fuel.