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Self Employed Tax Tip: 4 Disallowable Expenses

One of the most difficult conversations an accountant can have with a client is one where they have to break the news that the...

Tax & National Insurance When You’re Self Employed (+ Free Calculator)

You must pay both income tax and national insurance when you're self employed.  Specifically: Income TaxClass 2 National InsuranceClass...

P60 Form Explained UK 2019

HMRC enjoys giving its forms mysterious names and the P60 form is no exception. Here's I explain everything you...

Is Self Employment Right for You?

Leaving your job and the security of a regular pay packet can be a worrying thought, especially if you have family and children dependant on you. But the thrill of being master of your own destiny and build your own business may be too much to keep you in a 9 till 5 job. So, before you make the leap, here are 5 questions to ask yourself to make sure you feel ready to hand in your notice and get your P45.

Do I Get a P60 If I’m Self-Employed

When you go self-employed there is a lot of learning, including getting to grips with all the HMRC terms and forms.

Are you missing out on the tax free mileage allowance of...

If you or your staff use their personal cars for business travel they are entitled to claim back a tax free amount to cover...

How to Claim the Work Mileage Tax Rebate

If you are employed and use your personal vehicle for work reasons, then you should check whether you are entitled to claim...

Are Training Costs Tax Deductible for the Self Employed?

When you are self employed it can be confusing knowing what you can and can't claim against your taxes and understanding which training courses...

Tax Deductible Expenses for NHS Doctors

As a Doctor, there are no doubt work expenses you are paying for personally, but you aren't able to get reimbursed for.

How to Claim the NHS Uniform Tax Rebate

The HMRC Uniform Tax Rebate means you get some money back if you are an NHS or healthcare worker.


How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business

Love cooking? Ready to turn your hobby in a serious business? Here's how you get started on the road to being a self-employed catering business owner.