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I am dedicated to providing my audience with valuable, well-written and most importantly accurate information on how to become self-employed and run the administrative side of a small business.

I’m always searching for new contributors to who can provide relevant content in line with the topics on the site. So if you’re interested in contributing a guest post, then here are the guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Try to use short, concise paragraphs with headings and subsections.
  • Avoid grammar/spelling mistakes as they negatively affect the quality of your content.
  • Your topic, heading and blog post must be relevant to our niche (finance, tax and small business administration)
  • Provide a well-formatted word document along with your bio and headshot photo.
  • All your content must be SEO Friendly. However, adding keywords to increase SEO or driving readers to websites for promotional purposes is not tolerated.
  • We only accept content with 0% plagiarism and unpublished elsewhere.
  • You can add up to 1 external, and 1 internal link. Go Self-Employed links will be added by us.
  • You can add a brief author bio highlighting your background.
  • We reserve the right to edit, updated, add, remove, modify, and change your guest blog content to fit our publishing guidelines and the standard of our website.
  • We reserve the right to add any internal links or external links to your blog. But we guarantee your client link/your link to be permanently present in the blog.
  • Once the article is published on, you cannot reuse the same content to publish on other websites.
  • We must agree on the blog title upfront.
  • We welcome you sharing our published links on social media platforms.
  • Full payment is required prior to publishing.

The standard rate for a single blog post is £175.

To contribute a blog idea for consideration please email Please be specific about your blog idea and where possible include other examples of your writing.

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