core elements of self-employment taxes



From registering to filing receipts and handling HMRC, it's all part of being your own boss but one of the scariest!

Here are the key concepts you need to understand in 6 simple guides.

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Hi I’m Anita – Chartered Accountant, spreadsheet geek and money nerd! I’ve been self-employed for nearly a decade and in that time I’ve developed my own simple solutions to managing my money so that I always get paid, stay prepared for tax-time and makes my hard earned cash work for me.

I created the ‘Go Self-Employed’ website to share my knowledge with other self-employed business owners, so they can learn how to manage their finances without the fear they have missed something, paid too much tax or made money mistakes that can undo all their hard work.

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The 11 Most Common Setup and Tax Mistakes Business Owners Make and How To Put Them Right.

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