How to Find the CWF1 Form Online 2019/2020. A CWF1 form is issued by HMRC for use by individuals who need to register as self-employed but already submit a tax return. Here’s how to find it.

cwf1 form online

What is a CWF1 Form?

A CWF1 form is used to tell HMRC that an individual is self-employed, but already registered for self-assessment for another reason.

It is important to use this form and not register twice for self-assessment otherwise HMRC will ask for 2 tax returns.

The easiest way to complete a CWF1 Form is to go online.

The form can be completed by individuals or by agents on behalf of their clients.

What You’ll Need to Complete the CWF1 Form Online

You’ll need certain information to complete the form online so that HMRC can tie up your application to the right person.

You’ll need:

  • National Insurance Number;
  • UTR Number (here’s how you find that);
  • Personal details (name, address and phone number);
  • Details of the business (name, address, the type of work).

Where to Find the CWF1 Form Online

You can complete this form online here.

It is fairly straightforward to fill out and you’ll be given the opportunity to review the form before you submit it.

Why Do You Need to Complete A CWF1 Form Online?

The CWF1 is a way of formally notifying HMRC that you have self-employment income.

Once registered as self-employed you’ll need to declare your earnings as part of your normal self-assessment tax return.

You’ll also be required to pay tax, depending on your earnings.

How Tax and National Insurance Works When You Are Self-Employed

Updated 26 June 2019