10 Things You’ll Need to Have Ready Before You Start Filling in Your Tax Return

Filing your tax return will be quicker and easier if you get everything you’ll need ready before you get started.

You’ll only need details that are relevant to the tax year you are filing your return for.

A tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April

Here are the main things you’re going to need:

  1. Government Gateway Login and Password

    This is your HMRC online account. If you have lost your user ID or password, then here’s how you can retrieve them.

  2. Partners Information if you want to claim Marriage Allowance

    If your partner has unused personal allowance then you may be able to use it on your tax return. Check if you’re entitled to claim Marriage Allowance.

  3. P45 or P60

    All your income needs to be declared on your tax return, even if you have already paid tax on it. The numbers you need are on your P45 or P60 issued to you by your employer.

  4. P11d

    If you were employed by someone and received benefits like medical insurance or a company car. You’ll need to add them onto your tax return and pay tax on them if necessary

  5. Dividend Certificates

    When you receive a dividend, you’ll get a certificate with it. That contains all the information you’ll need to put on your tax return.

  6. Bank Interest Certificates

    Generally banks tend to deduct interest at source. If so you shouldn’t need to pay anymore tax but all the details will have been issued by the bank.

  7. Pension Statements and Pension Contributions

    If you have received any pensions or paid into any schemes you’ll need to get all the statements summarising what has happened.

  8. Self-Employment Income and Expenses

    You’ll need details of all your self-employment income and expenses. So make sure you have details of everything.

  9. Rental Income and Expenses

    Get ready details of all the rental income you have collected and any expenses that you paid for in relation to your buy-to-let.

  10. Details of any other income you have received

    If you received any other taxable income like capital gains or foreign income then you’ll need to declare it on your tax return.

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