The “Fill Out Your Return” Section

Fill Out Your Return. The “Fill in your Return” screen contains a list of the sections that you need to complete. The sections included will vary person to person, depending on which parts of the tax return they need to fill out.

Once you have completed the “Tailor Your Return Section” you’ll be presented with your customised tax return.

If you need to come back to this page, just click “4. Fill in your return” on the left-hand side.

You’ll notice that each section has a cross and tick next to it.

  • A tick means you have entered information correctly.
  • A cross means you need to fill out the information.

The aim is to get all ticks! You can’t submit your tax return until you do.

If you have any red crosses next to the “Tell Us About You” or “Tailor Your Return” section, then go back and correct them now.

You’re ready to get started filling out your return.

  • The “Employment” Section >>
  • The “Self-Employment” Section >>
  • The Self-Employment Section for Foster Carers >>
  • Completing the Tax Return for the High-Income Child Benefit Charge >>
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