Why you Need to Find an Accountant Who uses Xero

5 reasons to find an accountant who can use Xero

Xero has become a popular online accounting software for small businesses. If you are trying to find an accountant, here’s 5 reasons why you should find someone who is Xero certified:

1. Cloud Based Service – you don’t need to worry about backing up your data.  As a cloud based platform, Xero takes responsibility for the data you enter and back it up as part of your service subscription.  Your accountant has simply login online to see your data, not need for file transfers!

2. Store your financial information – you can e mail data like your supplier invoices directly into Xero so they are ready for your accountant to start work.  Just set up the e mail address (it’s complicated) in your contacts and forward information straight into the system.  No more collating invoices every month!

3. Real time reporting – your accountant can keep your books up to date for you and you can see your results in real time easily in Xero.  Get your accountant to customise your reports so they are in a format you understand. Easy!

4. Integrate it with your bank – save time on your accounting fees by integrating Xero with your bank account.  Xero pulls the bank transactions when you allow access to your bank account making bank reconciliation easier and quicker!

5. Find add ons which integrate with your Xero – Xero offers many add ons such as time sheets and stock management options that integrate with Xero.  If you find an accountant who is Xero certified they can recommend which add ons may be suitable for your business.

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