Wait, we know what you’re thinking. Freelancer. Sounds a bit… Shoreditch, right?

For a moment at least, forget the cool kids of East-London and hear us out. Everybody from tech city startups to investment banks are hopping on the freelancer bandwagon, hiring workers on a job-by-job basis. The benefits go far beyond financial and bring a fresh new wave of thinking and approach to projects and tasks.
Regardless of your industry, business size or success, we’ve listed FIVE (we could have listed more) benefits of hiring a freelancer. Consider these the next time you need a job done..

1) Simplicity
It’s easy for your ‘one project’ to turn into ‘one of many’ when working with an agency. Most freelancers will work project-to-project or will have only a few projects active at one time. This means added focus and a straightforward timeline of events. Send your freelancer a brief, agree a budget and timeframe. There’s no chain of communication, so it’s a case of just speaking with your freelancer and getting your requirements implemented.

2) Affordability
A freelancer is unlikely to have the overheads of an agency or practice and will be able to be competitive with his/her pricing. When you hire a freelancer you are paying for their skills and expertise, not additional staff or the company coffee machine. You also have the added flexibility of hiring on a fixed fee basis or accepting proposals.

3) Experience
Good freelancers come with lots of experience, gained from working with a variety of different businesses. Along their way to freelancer stardom, each project or client will have been unique, bringing new skills to the freelancers arsenal. Hire a freelancer and your business can enjoy the benefits of this adaptable way of working and thinking.

4) Fast results
When it comes to hiring a full-time employee, there’s a process to follow. You must write a job description, post a job ad, read CV’s and do interviews before you hire. Hiring a freelancer is a little less complicated, and freelancers come with the skillset you require for a specific project. There’s also the benefit of no office distractions, with a freelancer likely to be working on their own, with no interest in office politics or agenda meetings.

5) Flexibility
Whether you hire a freelance accountant or freelance web designer, there’s a flexibility attached to the process. Depending on your experience, you may decide to upscale or downscale a project. If you’re a start up and still finding your feet, hiring freelancers is a great place to start because you will receive quality at a lesser cost, with flexible commitments.

Most of the benefits we have listed above relate to the cost and process (time) differences between hiring an agency and a freelancer. The aim of this list was to give you food for thought when you’re looking for someone to work on your next project. We hope you see the benefits of working with the growing pool of talented freelancers online.


Anita is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of experience taking self employed business owners from financially confused to business savvy.
She is the creator of the ‘Go Self Employed’ website, which her corner on the internet where she makes self employment less terrifying.

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