“Exceptionally organised”. It’s the kind of phrase you place on your CV, automatically. But are you really? Do you plan each day meticulously, never miss deadline or forget about items on a to-do-list? Well done if you don’t.

For most of us, if we’re being honest, we’ll hold our hands up and admit it, we’re always fighting time, both in our personal and working lives. Of course, digital media plays its part in distracting what good intentions we have, the pinging of a WhatsApp message, a mention on twitter or a good ol’ fashioned phone call, our inability to disconnect invariably means we make some slip ups along the way.

When it comes to making marginal gains, there are a few minor improvements which can make a big difference and bring better organisation to your life. Scroll on to discover our three picks, below.

Keep Just One To-Do List

Bring all your work-related tasks together in one safe place – the big and small. Use a tool that suits the way you work and your personality. Online tools like Trello are extremely useful and worth exploring. This will allow you to focus, make progress and move forward.

Clearly Define Your Goals

When you have a growing list of tasks and objectives, its a good idea to start prioritising. Clarify what needs to be done, think about the bigger picture and an organised system that will allow you to deal with tasks effectively. Remember the more you plan the more efficient you are likely to be at work.

Create Email Templates

If you spend much of your day sending emails, consider creating some useful templates to save you time. Yes you might want to add a personal touch to each email you send, but having a common template will definitely speed this task up and is a positive time management step.