How to Get Your SA302 Form & Tax Overview Online

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get your SA302 form (AKA tax calculation) and HMRC tax overview, online from the .GOV website.

I’ve updated this guide on 19 November 2020 for changes in the latest legislation

What is an SA302?

If you are currently in the process of applying for a self-employed mortgage and your advisor or bank has asked you to provide proof of earnings to add to your application, then you’ll no doubt need to find your SA302.

Your SA302 form is the official HMRC document that certifies your tax and income which you can download online. The form is made up of two parts – your tax calculation and tax overview. In the past, it used to be issued by letter but over recent years HMRC has made this available online and lenders have become happy to accept them, speeding up the mortgage application process.

When you set up a business, lenders ask for your SA302 as proof of earnings because you won’t have 3 months payslips to evidence your income. This document summarises your income, by tax year, and shows whether you are up to date with paying your tax bill, acting as a type of self-certification.

The easiest way to get your SA302 form is to download it on the .GOV website in your HMRC tax account, where you manage your taxes and file your tax return online.

Example SA302

Here’s what an example of the SA302 that you can download in your HMRC account:

Example SA302 Tax Calculation

Your SA302 shows all the different types of taxable income you have declared when you filled out your tax return, like self-employment income, dividends and rental income along with details of how your tax was calculated.

SA302 Form v. Tax Calculation

An SA302 is now commonly known as a Tax Calculation Form, although many people still refer to it by its old name. 

What is a Tax Overview?

A tax overview is a summary, by tax year, of:

  • Total tax payable;
  • How much tax has been paid;
  • Unpaid tax, if any.

Example Tax Overview

Here is what an example Tax Overview Form:

tax overview
Example Tax Overview

How to Get Your HMRC SA302 and Tax Overview Online

  1. Sign in to your online HMRC personal tax account
  2. Choose ‘More Self Assessment Details’
  3. Click on ‘Get Your SA302 Tax Calculation’
  4. Continue to Your SA302
  5. Select the option to ‘Print Your Full Calculation’
  6. To print for a different tax year choose ‘Tax Return Options’ on the left-hand menu
  7. Select the year you require
  8. Choose the option to ‘View Your Calculation’
  9. Click ‘View and Print Your Calculation’

Each tax calculation and overview is for one tax year, so if your application requires evidence going more than one year then you’ll need to download multiple SA302’s.

How to Get Your SA302 by Phone

You can get your SA302 form from HMRC by phoning them on 0300 200 3300. You’ll need your UTR number and national insurance number to get through security, so have those ready.


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