How to Submit a P11d(b) Form Online


You can submit a P11d(b) form online, once you have complete all P11d forms for your employees who have received benefits.

What is a P11d(b) Form

A P11d(b) form summarises the total value of benefits that an Employer has provided to its Employees, along with showing the total amount of Class 1A National Insurance payable.  Here is a sample P11d(b) Form from 2014 before an online version was made available.

How to File a P11d(b) Form Online

Once you have completed your employees P11d forms online, you will be given an option to complete your Employees P11d(b).  It is important to only choose this option once you have completed all necessary P11d forms.

You then need to enter the summary total of benefits liable to Class 1A NICs – this is the total cash equivalent amount of benefits paid for on behalf of employees.
The next step is to Complete the Declaration
Then finally confirm you wish to submit your P11d(b) form

How to Pay Class 1A National Insurance on Benefits in Kind

It is important to remember that any Class 1a National Insurance on Benefits in Kind must be paid separately to normal payroll taxes.  HMRC offers a variety of methods to pay P11d(b) national insurance and you can click HERE to find out about these methods.

Class 1a National Insurance on Benefits is Kind is due for payment by 22 July each year (19th July if you pay by post).

A Simple Guide to Filing P11d Forms Online

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