Important 2019 Tax Dates for the Self Employed


Important Tax Dates for Self Employed

Here are the 2019 Tax Dates that are important if you are self employed:

31 January 2019 Self Assessment Tax Return for 2017/2018 Due for Filing

1st Payment on Account for 2018/2019

Balance of any tax, national insurance and student loans for 2017/2018 due for payment.

5 April 2019 End of the 2018/2019 tax year
31 July 2019 2nd Payment on Account for 2018/2019 due for payment
5 October 2019 Deadline to register as self employed with HMRC
31 October 2019 Deadline for filing PAPER self assessment tax return
30 December 2019 Deadline for filing self assessment tax return if you want any tax collected through PAYE (max £3,000)

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