How to Get a Copy of Your P60

If you’ve lost your P60 or need to get a copy then keep reading! I know how frustrating it is if you’ve lost your P60. Maybe it’s holding up your mortgage application, stopping you from filling in your tax return or means you’re on the wrong tax code so have ended up paying too much tax. Here I’ll show you how to get a copy of your P60 or what it means if you can’t get a copy from your employer and it’s lost.

1. How to Get a Replacement P60 from Your Employer

Your employer is legally required to keep copies of all P60s that they issue to their employees as part of their payroll records. That means they should have a copy of your lost P60 which will say ‘Duplicate’ on it.

If you need to go back further than 3 years and your employer does not have a P60 form available, you could ask them to issue a statement of earnings. Unfortunately, your employer is not legally required to give you a copy of a P60 or produce a statement of earnings.  So if they refuse, your next best option is to contact HMRC.

2. How to Get a Copy P60 from HMRC

Unfortunately, HMRC is unable to issue a copy of a lost P60.  It is a form prepared by your employer, but not sent to HMRC. HMRC will however be able to provide official information regarding your earnings and tax deductions because your employer will have sent this information to them each time they paid you.

You can call HMRC on 0300 200 3300 or find alternative ways to contact them here on the .GOV website. You’ll need your national insurance number ready which you can probably find on a recent payslip.


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