What Are Trade Debtors?

what are trade debtors

Find out what trade debtors mean, how they appear on the balance sheet and how to account for trade debtors in double-entry bookkeeping.

5 Effective Benefits of Business Bookkeeping

It’s something we all dread: organising our business finances! But the fact is, it’s an essential part of setting up any small business. There are numerous benefits of bookkeeping and the importance of it can make or break a business. Besides that, it’s also a legal requirement to maintain detailed financial records such as tracking … Read more

What Are Drawings In Accounting?

what are drawings in accounting

Understand drawings in accounting, how they are treated in the financial statements of a sole proprietor and the tax implications.

The Accounting Equation

accounting equation explained

The accounting equation is at the heart of accounting. It states that fundamental every transaction always has 2 entries to ensure accuracy. Find out more about the accounting equation for different business entities, the expanded version and how it ties up to the balance sheet.

Subsidiary Ledgers Explained

subsidiary ledgers explained

Subsidiary ledgers form part of the accounting process when help is needed to keep track of financial information that isn’t recorded in the books of prime entry. In this guide, you’ll find out more about the subsidiary ledgers, the most common types used and how they fit into the accounting process.