What are Ledgers in Accounting?

what are ledgers in accounting

Ledgers in accounting contain summaries of financial information recorded in the books of prime entry. Here’s how they work and an example of what they look like.

Purchase Day Book Explained

Purchase Day Book Explained

A purchase day book is used to record details of goods & services bought by a business. Here’s an example of how it is used & why it’s needed.

What is a Bank Reconciliation?

What is a bank reconciliation and why is it important

A bank reconciliation helps to check for errors in the cash book. Learn why they are necessary and take a look at an example of preparing one

Petty Cash Book Explained

petty cash book explained

The petty cash book records what happens with cash in a business. This guide uses an example to discuss why it matters & the imprest system which allows for a cash float to be maintained.

Cash Book in Accounting

what is the cash in book in accounting

The cash book is a record of all the money that flows in and out of a business. Here’s an example of one & what it has to do with accounting

Sales Ledgers Explained

sales ledgers explained

Sales ledgers record the activity of customer sales, credits and payments. Here you’ll find an example ledger to explain how they work and how they fit in when it comes to accounting.

Sales Day Book Explained

sales day book explained

A sales day book is a record of sales invoices raised by a business. Here’s an example of one, the reasons it’s needed & an introduction to setting up sales journals.

Books of Prime Entry Explained

books of prime entry explained

The books of prime entry summarise information from the source records of a business in accounting. In this guide, you’ll find out about the six types of books of prime entry, why they’re important and how they are updated in this guide.

What is a Credit Note?

what is a credit note

A credit note reduces the amount a customer has to pay on an invoice or records a refund. Here is an example and how they fit into accounting.

What is an Invoice?

what is an invoice

An invoice is a legal document sent customers to request payment. Here you’ll learn what they look like and what information they must have.