How to Go Self-Employed

Learn how to get your business up and running in just 10 simple steps

1 - Self-Employment in a Nutshell

If you are ready to go self-employed, it’ll help to get to grips with some of the basics of self-employment, including definitions, responsibilities and taxes. Here's an overview to get you started.

2 - Name Your Business

The right name creates the right impression & tells your customers everything you're about. If you're struggling, here's some tips to help you come up with the perfect business name.

3 - Set Your Prices

Pricing is critical. Too high and you'll price yourself out of the market. Too low and you won't be able to pay yourself. Here's how to find that sweet spot when it comes to pricing.

4 - Plan Your Marketing

Without customers you won't have a business. So setting out a good marketing plan will get you in front of the right customers. Read these 10 tips that will set your marketing plan on fire.

5 - Register as Self-Employed with HMRC

Registering as Self-Employed online is easy to do yourself. Here's my walk through video which demonstrates how to do it.

6 - Getting Paid

Getting paid when you're self employed involves three steps. Let's get to grips with each of these steps.

7 - Set up a Bookkeeping System

Administration and taxes are a lot easier if you choose the right bookkeeping system. Here's some advice on what to look for.

8 - Open a Business Bank Account

A business bank account will simplify your business administration. Here's how to find one that works for you.

9 - Take Out Business Insurance

Business insurance is peace of mind. But it can be confusing. Read about the main types of insurance to work out what cover you need.

10 - Set Up Your Tech and Equipment

It's time to get set up with all the essential equipment you'll need like a computer, website and email. Download my Tech Checklist to help you.

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