Bookkeeping Spreadsheets, Guides and Resources for Self-Employed Business Owners who DIY their Finances and Taxes

Simple, straightforward advice to make topics like registering with HMRC, tax returns, accounting and banking easy to understand.

Ready To Become Self-Employed?

In this 10 Step Guide I’ll show you everything you need to do to set up your business and register with HMRC, as well as all things tax related.


I create templates and resources to help small business owners who have great ideas but hate numbers, so they can get their financial ducks in a row and make better business decisions.


Track your income, expenses and taxes in one simple bookkeeping spreadsheet, tailored to the needs of the self-employed.

22 powerful tabs to save you the hassle of figuring out what numbers and reports you need, with all the complicated formulas taken care of.


Being self-employed has many perks, but the ones that you miss out on when you work for yourself is sick pay and income protection in the event you are unable to work.

Many self-employed people choose to take out life insurance and critical illness cover in case they get too sick to work or pass away and want to ensure their family are financially secure.

In this guide I explain more about life insurance, the products  available and why it’s so crucial to secure protection for you and your family when you’re self-employed.

anita forrest


I’m Anita, a Chartered Accountant turned entrepreneur and creator of the Go Self-Employed website. I’m passionate about helping others become self-employed and feel confident managing their finances because I know we leave school totally unequipped to deal with personal finances, let alone business finances, but this shouldn’t hold us back from building the business we dream of. 

With my bookkeeping spreadsheets, guides and resources I’ll help you organise your business finances, learn how you’ll get paid, register a business and check you’re making the tax savings you’re legally entitled to.


Not sure where to start when it comes to taxes? Worried the tax-man is lurking around the corner? Got a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’ve missed something?

I’ll show you the 6 core elements of self-employment taxes in these simple guides so you can learn what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing, take away the worry you are missing out on tax allowances and show you the deadlines you need to know.  




Do I Have to Pay Tax On eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Gumtree Sales?

Do I Have to Pay Tax On eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Gumtree Sales?

One question we are often asked is whether tax needs to be paid from selling online from sites such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Gumtree.

If you are selling something you simply don’t want but you own already, you probably don’t need to pay any tax or let HMRC know. However, if you are a regular seller making a profit or are paid for a service you provide online, then you may need to let HMRC know what you are doing and pay tax.

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Tips to Beat Lonliness

Freelancing is fun, but it can be a lonely game. If you work from home, chances are it’ll be just you and your laptop most of the time. Whether you’ve experienced working in a busy office environment or not, the freelancer life is probably going to see you miss out on some of face to face interaction your…

5 Benefits of Being a Freelance Accountant

benefits of being a freelance accountant

FREELANCER is one of the buzzwords of 2017. The question is, will you become one? Startups and technology surround us. This has created a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs and there is one thing they’re all looking for: freelancers. Freelance accountants are on the list, and to help, we’ve considered the facts and listed some of the key benefits of the…

Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Time Management Tips for Freelancers

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ method for juggling work and organising your schedule. It’s a skill that requires planning and execution. Most freelancers will agree that the key to good time management is finding a method that works for you. “As someone who spends much of her working day at a computer working in…