Guides and Resources for the Self Employed

Simple, straightforward advice to make topics like registering with HMRC, tax returns, accounting and banking easy to understand.

Ready To Become Self-Employed?

In this 10 Step Guide I’ll show you everything you need to do to go self employed and register with HMRC, as well as all things tax related.

anita forrest


I’m Anita, a Chartered Accountant turned entrepreneur and creator of the Go Self-Employed website. I’m passionate about helping others become self-employed and feel confident managing their finances because I know we leave school totally unequipped to deal with personal finances, let alone business finances, but this shouldn’t hold us back from building the business we dream of. 

With my bookkeeping spreadsheets, guides and resources I’ll help you organise your business finances, learn how you’ll get paid, register a business and check you’re making the tax savings you’re legally entitled to.


Business Blunders, Finding Fabulous Freelancers and Paying International Contractors

When I first started out in business I was naive, diving headfirst into everything full of passion! I decided I could do everything myself (with a little help from YouTube) because it was more important to save money not spend money.

Most of the time I did manage to learn what I needed to along the way. But sometimes it ended in some totally avoidable business blunders and it was clear I was out of my depth.

In this guide, I share some of my biggest blunders, explain why I had to stop DIY-ing everything and build a team of freelancers around me. I’ll also give you my best advice when you outsource for the first time, so you can get the best results you can without wasting money. 


Self-Employed Taxes

I know that self-employment taxes can be a complicated subject, but they are an unavoidable part of working for yourself. 

What tax do you pay? When and how do you report your earnings? And how do you (legally) reduce how much you pay to HMRC?

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to taxes and you’re worried the tax-man is lurking around the corner, then this guide is for you. 

I’ll answer some of the common questions that I see online and was most asked in my previous life as a Chartered Accountant.  It’ll take away the worry that you’re missing out on tax allowances and show you the deadlines you need to know. 


10 step guide to becoming self-employed

How To Become Self-Employed

In this 10 step guide I’ll show everything you need to do to become self-employed, register your business legally and the records you need to keep. Tick off each one and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve got your business finances in order.

Coronavirus: Claiming Benefits if You're Self-Employed

Coronavirus: Government Benefits for the Self-Employed

The rules around claiming governments if you’re self-employed seem to be changing throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Here is a summary of the benefits you may be eligible for if you need income support over the coming months, according to your situation.

guide to claiming self employed expenses

A Guide to Claiming Self Employed Expenses

Your self-employed expenses reduce your tax bill. If you’re struggling to understand what you can and can’t expense then read this guide and download my allowable expenses cheat sheet.


Track your income, expenses and taxes in one simple bookkeeping spreadsheet, tailored to the needs of the self-employed.

22 powerful tabs to save you the hassle of figuring out what numbers and reports you need, with all the complicated formulas taken care of. 

Simply enter your income and expenses and let the template do the rest, including generating the numbers you’ll need for your tax return in one single tab.