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Self-Employed Paternity Pay

When you’re a self-employed dad-to-be getting to grips with your paternity pay rights will help with:

  • planning the amount of take to time off;
  • understanding how your earnings will be affected.

Self-Employed Paternity Pay

Whilst being your own boss can bring many benefits.

When you are employed you have a right to claim for statutory paternity pay. But there is no self-employed paternity pay.

That means you may not be able to earn any money for any paternity leave you take.

It’s a similar situation to when you take time off for a holiday or if you are sick and can’t go to work.

How to Plan for Your Self-Employed Paternity Leave

The key to preparing for your paternity leave when you’re self-employed is to start planning early.

That way you’ll be able to:

  • Make sure you have enough money set aside while you are not earning;
  • Warn your customers that you are taking some time off for paternity leave;
  • Pick a date by which you need to have all your work completed and up to date so nothing is overdue while you are on leave;
  • Arrange support and assistance to cover anything important while you are off.

Government Support for the Self-Employed

Although there is no such thing as self-employed paternity pay, there are other forms of financial assistance available. This includes Child Benefits and Tax-Free Childcare support.