What is a P32 From HMRC?

p32 hmrc

Learn about the P32 form from HMRC for UK employers, what gets summarised on it and why it’s now been replaced.

What is a P46?

p46 explained

Find out more about the P46 form from HMRC, when they are issued as well as what it means for employers and new employees since being abolished.

What is a P6 Form from HMRC?

what is a p6 coding notice

A P6 from HMRC is a coding notice sent to employers with details of changes to an employees tax code, along with details of previous pay and tax deducted for a tax year.

Employment Allowance Explained

hmrc employment allowance explained

Find out about the HMRC employment allowance, how much allowance employers can claim, who is eligible and how to claim it from HMRC.