How to Register as an Employer with HMRC

how to register as an employer with HMRC

Find out how to register for as an employer, how the payroll system works and who needs to register for PAYE with HMRC. This guide is applicable if you are the Director of a Limited Company and want to pay yourself tax efficiently as the only employee.

Advice on Hiring Your First Employee

advice on hiring your first employee

Do you think it’s time to hire your first employee? In this guide I share some tips to help you make that decision including taxes, interviewing and how tomake your hire as effective as possible.

PAYE Payment Reference for HMRC

payment reference for PAYE

Using the correct PAYE reference is crucial because it lets HMRC know how to allocate the payment you are making. Here’s how you work out your PAYE payment reference. As an employer, using the right payment reference for HMRC PAYE is essential for getting your payments over on time, allocated correctly and avoiding penalties. Why … Read more

P60 Form Explained

p60 explained

Understand your P60 form – a UK tax form created by HMRC and completed by employers. Here, all is explained about the P60 form, what it looks like and why you should keep it safe.

What is a P45?

what is a p45

Wondering what is a P45? Or when you get one and what do the parts mean? In this guide, you’ll find out more about when you receive a P45 form, what the information on the different parts show and whether you should give it to your new employer.