Productivity Hacks for Freelance Accountants

Productivity Hacks for Freelance Accountants

Snowed under with clients and projects? Check out this list of five productivity hacks for freelance accountants. Ditch the routine of searching for #MondayMotivation and reading ‘how to’ guides in favour of something a little less complicated.

Ranging from h20 kicks to a walk in the park, these mood enhancing steps will (hopefully) give you the inspiration your day requires. Thank us later.

Create a ‘to do’ list

In your working life as a freelance accountant, there are tasks that are simple and ones that are little more complicated. Naturally, you’ll be drawn to tackle the easy ones first followed by the more challenging. To stay on top of things, create a digital ‘to do’ list and tick them off as you go. Set yourself realistic goals and attempt to exceed your own expectations (and your clients).

Eat breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day. There are countless studies that reinforce this and show a link that a good brekkie has to our health. Healthy people are more productive, so however busy you are, give yourself some fuel before you take on the day (and that self assessment).

Pour yourself a glass of water

Dehydration can cause a lack of concentration. According to The Journal of Nutrition, even mild dehydration, recognised as approximately 1.5% loss in normal water volume, can result in underperformance. Sadly there was no mention of g&t’s having the same hydrating benefits as a glass of water though.

Switch the heating on

One of the benefits of being a (home-based) freelancer is having control of your workspace temperature. So, whether you’re filing tax returns or providing accounting advice over the phone, ensure your workspace always has a friendly temperature. No indoor scarf necessary.

Take a walk

Give your desk a rest and head outdoors for lunch. 10-minutes of fresh air and mild exercise is proven to reduce stress, tiredness and will reinvigorate your mind. Don’t forget to grab a sandwich (or burger) while you’re at it.