10 Reasons to Employ a Financial Controller

10 reasons to employ a financial controller

As your business grows, so too does the administrative burden, the need to manage your cashflow and strategic direction. A Financial Controller is a great all-round solution if you feel you need some of the attributes of an FD but at a lower cost. Just in case you need a few extra incentives, here’s 10 reasons why you may need a Financial Controller:

  • You’re bogged down in accounts emails that you ignore because you don’t have time to deal with them or create a system to deal with them and one that helps improve cashflow;
  • You have suppliers chasing you for payments but just don’t have time to sit and make payments;
  • You have completed work for your customers but haven’t raised sales invoices;
  • You are looking to take out finance such as a bank loan and need to present figures for the loan application and then on an ongoing basis as well as demonstrate you have well run finances headed up by someone experienced;
  • You don’t feel you are receiving enough hands on assistance from your external accountant;
  • Business has gone well and you want to grow to the next stage, so you feel you need regular management accounts to help you make strategic decisions;
  • You want to set targets and budgets and need someone to put together forecasts and then analyse actual results against these on an ongoing basis;
  • You want to work with an accountant who gets to know your business and is part of your organisation;
  • You want an accountant who is business savvy and is more than just a number cruncher;
  • You need someone to help you set staff targets which not only motivate work but also work alongside your company targets for growth and profitability.