Self-Employed Finance Basics Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Tax, Registration and Finance Basics every Sole Trader Needs to Know.

self-employed finance basics guide

Have you started working for yourself but feel confused about registering your business? Or have you started a side hustle and are now wondering how the tax side of things works?

Then this bumper 26-page guide to Self Employed Finance Basics is for you!

This guide gives you a complete overview of how self-employed finances work. It’s jam-packed with tips and advice on topics like registration, income tax, tax returns and bookkeeping PLUS an introduction to IR35.


Not suitable if you plan to operate through a Limited Company. No refunds.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Anita, a Chartered Accountant turned content creator on a mission to simplify money and taxes for the self-employed. (I’m also a Spreadsheet Geek and Money Nerd!)

I believe that just because we aren’t taught about money at school, it shouldn’t prevent us from creating a financially stable life on our own terms.

That’s why I created my website which is full of straightforward advice and guides to make topics like taxes, accounting, banking and insurance easy to understand at every point in your self-employed journey. I want to simplify business and tax for UK sole traders, like you.

You make money doing what you love; I’ll help you look after it.

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