Your benefits office should issue you a P60 by the 19 May since Job Seekers Allowance is paid under a PAYE scheme, as though the Benefits Office is your employer and your JSA is your salary.

A P60 form details out your taxable earnings which includes benefits such as Job Seekers Allowance for a particular tax year (which runs from 6 April to 5 April).

For example your P60 for the tax year 2016/2017 (6 April 2016 to 5 April 2017) will show all the Job Seekers Allowance paid to you during this 12 month period.

Should I Receive a P60 from the Benefits Office if I found a Job During the Year?


If you found a job the Job Centre will issue you with a P45 which you must give to your new employer. Using this P45 form your new Employer will know how much money you have received as Job Seekers Allowance and correctly calculate how much Tax they need to deduct from your Salary every time you get paid.


During the tax year 2016/2017 (6 April 2016 to 5 April 2017) Carlos was on job seekers allowance and then successfully found employment to start on 1 March 2017.

Carlos should expect to receive a P60 by 19 May 2017 from his new employer which will detail his earnings and deductions in his new job from 1 March 2017 to 5 April 2017.

He will not receive a P60 from the Benefits Office, but will have a received a P45 dated 28 February 2017 which he needs to pass onto his new employer.

It is worth noting that Job Seekers Allowance is currently:

Age JSA weekly amount
18 to 24 up to £57.90
25 or over up to £73.10

This is below the threshold where you start to pay tax of £221 per week so you should expect to not pay any tax on your Job Seekers Allowance although it is officially a Taxable Benefit.  Any unused tax allowances during this period will accumulate and be set off against your earning when you find Employment.

Find out more about how much Job Seekers Allowance you are entitled to here.