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SIC Codes Explained

What is a SIC Code?

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification code and takes the form of a 5 digit numerical code. They are used to code UK registered companies to make it easy to disclose and identify exactly what activity a business is engaged in. The list of UK SIC codes is created and maintained by Companies House.

Example SIC Codes

There are hundreds of SIC codes so that a business’ activity can be identified as accurately as possible.

Here are some examples:

43110 Plastering
45111 Sale of new cars and light motor vehicles
69202 Bookkeeping activities
64191 Banks

How to Find Your SIC Code

You can find your SIC code on the Companies House website, where they maintain a list of all the codes in use. Choose the one that most closely reflects the nature of your business. The list is fairly comprehensive but if you are unsure which one is right for you then call Companies House to discuss which code is most appropriate.

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