Sole Trader Tax Calculator

Use this sole trader tax calculator to estimate your self-assessment tax liability, including your payment on account.

How to Use the Sole Trader Tax Calculator

Enter your self-employment business profits (that’s your income less allowable business expenses) into the calculator below, press the button for an estimate of the tax you’ll owe.

Sole Trader Tax Calculator

This calculator is for the tax year 2020/2021

Enter your business profits


Total Tax & NI

Income Tax £0.00
Class 2 National Insurance  £0.00
Class 4 National Insurance  £0.00
Payment on Account £0.00

This calculator is for the tax year 2020/2021 and is for estimation purposes only. Actual results may differ. The payment on account is an additional amount you may need to pay, on top of your total tax and NI liability. Everyone’s situation is unique and different so always contact a professional for help with your own situation.

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